• Behyab Software

The server platform features used in the product :

1. Based on Google's JavaScript engine, V8.

2. Allows JavaScript to run on the server side.

3. Node.js is used to write network-related applications with fast, quality, and scalable ...

4. It's an Event-driven technology rather than traditional Threading .

5. Non-blocking To perform I / O operations

AngularJS technology used on the client side :

1. It's a very powerful JavaScript-based open source framework .

2. This framework has been developed for the simple development of SPAs with the MVC design pattern .

Features and abilities :

  • Has a high security level against malicious intrusion
  • Record and store car data on the server
  • Ability to customize the website and encode and hash the information on the data base …
  • Using SPA technology to design web-based systems for faster data loading
  • Use proprietary protocols for connecting servers to clients in order to take advantage of high security
  • Non-stop function of the device if GPRS network disconnect and availability of using of main features via the application and SMS
  • Geo-fencing functionality, speed reporting, range, etc.
  • Definition of car overnight parking spots and reporting of arrival and departure, stop time at desired time intervals
  • View a car's detail by holding the pointer over its icon (Includes driver name, latitude, time and date, speed, power status of the device, GSM antenna status)
  • View the latest vehicle positioning online on the map
  • Display the moment of signal strength and charge the SIM card and charge it as needed
  • View the list of orders sent and cancel them if needed
  • Ability to define up to five phone numbers for managing the device via SMS
  • Ability to record tickets and track problems through the system
  • Tracking capability within the specified time interval, based on mileage and angle (at least 1 degree)

reports :

  • Reporting distance traveled, travel time, stop time, on or off time
  • Report the latest vehicle status (in terms of kilometer performance, light level, average speed, etc.)
  • Speed report (route line report in speed range with mean and maximum and lowest speed)
  • Report Speed Range - Distance traveled (Reporting the amount of distance traveled and vehicle travel time within the user's requested speed range)
  • Reporting the vehicle's performance within the range specified by the user's requested time interval
  • Possibility to print different reports (driving records, first start time, last time off, etc.)
  • Report the route traveled in a specific time period and display live view

Behyab + Management System :

The Behyab Plus Management Software is an unexampled experience in Fleet-vehicle Management

This software offers unique features that in addition to having all the features of the base version of the software tracker, For the first time in Iran, it provides all the capabilities of group management of devices with the basic capabilities of a project management system .

  • Management software, special for individuals and organizations
  • Define and manage device groups
  • Define managers with different levels of access by the main manager
  • Define users with different levels of access by the admin
  • Apply settings and group Reporting for devices
  • Tree structure
  • Ability to define and categorize and display machinery according to type of activity / automobile using / field of activity
  • Definition of the mission of the car (timing of the vehicle's movement based on the geographical range along with the speed and duration of the authorized stop on the mission)
  • Record the loading time from start to finish and loading times. ( for trucks )
  • Ability to define the I Button identifier for defining authorized drivers and driving attendance and absenteeism .
  • Ability to define cars, car names, their categories, drivers, services, station stops, parking lots and ranges
  • Ability to define speed reporting, weight, temperature and volume of the reservoir
  • Total Vehicle Performance Report (showing vehicle performance for a group of vehicles for the user's requested time interval)
  • Reporting of stopping points, stopping times, stop location address, unauthorized stopping list
  • Reporting the status of the insurance and the remaining duties and deadlines until its expiration
  • Driving Alert Report (Extreme turn, Accelerated and unauthorized Speed)
  • Report and display the location and status of the vehicle in the warning points on the map
  • Reporting fuel consumption and cost for one or more or all fleet vehicles within the selected time period
  • Possibility to print different reports (driving records, turn-off time, number and time of a trip to a geographical area, etc.)
  • Ability to send various reports to Excel or PDF